Earthmoving Scope

Pope Earthmoving in based in Townsville and services the Mining, Civil and Agriculture industries throughout North Queensland and further afield. At Pope Earthmoving we work hard to ensure our Machinery is always in a first class standard of service and maintenance.


  • Fleet of three D7R Series 2 LGP Dozers
  • D7R Series 1 LGP Dozer
  • D7R Series 2 Conventional Dozer
  • Attachments: Forestry Certified dozer scrub canopy; quad-barrel rippers; 6 meter stick rakes; 3.2m cutter bars; fire suppression systems


  • Caterpillar 336EL Excavator 34inch grousers & long stick
  • Hitachi ZX270LC Excavator long stick
  • Attachments: Rock breaker; 1950mm sieve bucket, 2m tilt bucket, compaction wheel, GP Buckets 1120mm, 820mm & 400mm, ripper, grab; hydrualic burst protection; fire suppression systems


  • John Deere 9420 Tractor combined with JNR 12 foot bucket
  • Attachments: Trimble GPS ready including Base Station; eight rippers

Scope of Work

At Pope Earthmoving we are highly experienced in the following areas:

  • Precisely assess and grade field topography using laser technology and base station
  • Resurfacing and Bulking out material
  • Ripping
  • Dam construction and repair of wall
  • Road construction including boxing out for sealing surface
  • Drainage for subdivisions, irrigation, or waste water
  • Building up a single house or shed pad
  • Land levelling for house blocks or paddocks for pastures and cropping
  • Erosion control
  • Mine site rehabilitation
  • Land reclamation
  • Pushing a stock pile
  • Stripping over burden or top soil
  • Clearing and laying timber
  • Stick raking timber
  • Cutter barring to open soil and control regrowth of remenant vegetation
  • Cut a fire break, fence line or road
  • Often replacing the need for graders, excavators and trucks

Transport of Machinery

Pope Earthmoving machines are classified as wide-loads and weigh in excess of 30 tons. To transport machines we use a specific low-loading float and dolly combination truck and oversize pilot vehicle.