Workshop Scope

Pope Earthmoving Workshop is located in Black River on the northern side of Townsville. We specialize in large scale Boiler-Making projects.

Scope of Work

  • Steel fabrication of all sizes. Capacity to lift 20 Ton with Crane. Clearance under shed roof exceeding 9 meters.
  • Metal Folding with 150 Ton Press Break
  • Licensed for working in confined spaces and working at heights
  • Fork Lift and Cranes Onsite with licensed Dogmen
  • All welding techniques: Stick, MIG, TIG
  • Plasma Cutting
  • Arc Air Gouging
  • Oxy Cutting with Quicky
  • Sand Blasting
  • General spray painting with pressure pot
  • Mobile Boiler Making

Past Projects

Pope Earthmoving has significant experience in rebuilds of vehicle and trailer chaises, truck tipper bodies, buckets, blades, ripper legs, pad foot rollers, conveyers, and crushing plants.